Sunday, March 9, 2008

WORD: Finding Inspiration

by Gabrielle Linnell

I think one of the best parts about being a teen writer is the fact that I rarely lack inspiration. Most teens have never been there, done that... there's so much to see! Feel! Experience! Inspiration is BURSTING from every corner.

Yet, for posterity's sake, I'm categorizing three places where WriTeens find inspiration on an almost never-fail basis.

Issues or Real-Life Problemos. Whether it's global warming, genocide or eating disorders, the world has a lot of problems and teenagers offer fresh perspectives on them. Personally, I consider eating disorders and the lack of positive body image in women one of the greatest crimes society has dished out to girls. It's an inspiring topic.

Personal experience. I'm written about this before. What moves you? What changes you? I don't think teens should publish diaries online, but use a journal to think about what really impacts you. How does that play into, say, a short story about a dying parakeet? How does that change the way you look at the town's new gym?

Art to the fullest. Museums- travel- theater- books- frescoes: art inspires art. Therefore artists need to be surrounded by art. Teen Vogue is a muse of mine, because I love the collages they put together at the back of the issue. There are hundreds of crazy and beautiful things juxtaposed against each other. Heck, even the advertisements are amazing and tell stories. Who can't help but be inspired?

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