Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Adventures of an Early Morning WAPPer

Oh no, it's a nerd! RUN AWAY!
Don't be stupid, stupid! Gabrielle is really the incarnation of Belle. Sans Beast.
Alas, ye fools! You mistake her! Gabrielle is not a Disney Princess! She's a voluptuous, scantily-clad superhero! SHE'S A WAPPER! (Put on some clothes, PLEASE.)
Y'all may remember (SHOULD remember, it was an awesome interview) our interview with Kelly L. Stone ( the week I was sick. Well, in Kelly's book Time to Write she talks about writing schedules, Writing Action Plans and Burning Desires to Write (among other things.)

I can never saying WAP like an educated middle-schooler and shouting WHAP! Kelly has a great outline for people (like moi) who need to structure their creative genes in to steady and quirky productivity. Now, I am not sick and I have spent a month in my new school (totally adjusted, my locker and I have made peace and are baking cookies) so I am out of excuses. This morning, friends, I began my Early Morning Schedule as part of my unwritten WAP (WHAP!). The only way I'll stick to it is if I let the international literary world know about my progress. Lots of helpful, angry comments will spur me on, too.

Day One (The Only Day I'll Remember, the Rest will be a Creative Blur)

6:30. AM. Oh. My. Gosh.

I literally sat on my bed and stared at my computer for a while, thinking about my choices. Turn on the laptop and become a bestselling novelist. Go back to sleep and become a creative failure. I chose the bestselling novelist career after about five minutes of thought.

I'm working on a new novel, Suspended, and in about thirty minutes I typed out four DSP pages, which is pretty good. The key to my productivity, however, was not the dulcet tones of birds and Snow White appearing on my windowsill (or Prince Charming, though I'm sure he would have been inspiring.) It was music!

Thanks to the gods of Windows Media Player, I listened to Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra and hard-playin', girl-rockin' Sara Bareilles and that, my friends, is a great way to wake the mind up.

Will the heroine last for another day? Will the novel plummet or fall? Will male movie stars flock to her side to rescue the damsel under stress (haha, book title) with words of encouragement? Who knows! But if you need somewhere to chill, check out Lisa Yee's blog of her Colin Firth obsession at Hands down, best author blog ever. Although Shannon Hale gives her a run for her money at

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