Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One WAPPer's Take on the Twilight Obsession

WAPPing Update: With the exception of the weekend, I have WAPPed successfully. It's actually kind of fun to be creative this early in the morning. WHO KNEW? And, if I'm good about getting sleep, it doesn't phase me at all. Except that I have piano to do, an AP Chem test to study for, and about five pages to write (and thirty to edit) for a contest due this week... um... stay tuned for later this week when I talk about THE BURNING DESIRE TO WRITE. Mine. That is.

Twilight. I first read it Easter Saturday last year when I was bored and tired of my friends yapping at me to read it. I didn't finish, so the next day I ran back (on EASTER SUNDAY) to read Twilight and then New Moon in a total of three hours.

I bought Twilight and then persuaded another friend to buy a copy. She called me on the week of her exams, and said, "I hate you. I hate you. I hate you so much." Freaked out, I said, "What did I do?" "THAT BOOK." She had stayed up till 3 am that night reading, and taken an exam later that morning.

Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer are a phenomenon because they have sold an unbelievable amount of copies. Because every girl that reads it falls in love with it. Because it's mostly sold through word-of-mouth. Because a million reasons. Twilight, to me, is proof that teenagers do read when it's compelling. The market for our time is competitive, but regardless of high religious holidays or high school exams, we will read if it is just that good.

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