Friday, March 7, 2008

The Teenager Awakes

This a vague idea of me in the morning. Add cuter clothes and a non-boyish haircut.
Fiend, you lie! You know that you look like MIKE MYERS in the morning! (and act worse)
Sometimes getting up looks as easy as climbing all... the... way... up..

For years people have been complaining that teenagers sleep too much. Teenagers complain they never have enough sleep. Justice smiled upon us, and there's now a whole lot of research to prove that a) teens really can't sleep till after eleven pm and b) they need a lot. Of sleep. Take that, cranky adults!

However, in compliance with Proof B, I experienced an unpredicted side-affect of WAPPing (WHAP!). I was exhausted by 9:30pm. I had to drag my feet upstairs and try to climb over the mountains of clothing/books/paper in my room to... just... reach... my... bed...

This morning, cheery and chipper! I avoided the seductive advances of sleep and used the Mordian technique to spark my creativity. Never heard of the Mordian technique? I made it up. It is composed of "play-music-and-think-about-your-dreams." Dreams are inspiration-full. I think about what I felt during the dream (wonderful, scared, excited, tense) and try to translate the emotion onto the page. Anyone else use dreams?
I feel very proud of myself for sticking to the Early Morning Schedule for two days. The real test will be tomorrow (Saturday, sigh) where I plan on still waking early, and then going to my exercise class.

3 weeks to form a habit? It only takes one cigarette. WHY DOES IT TAKE THREE WEEKS TO WAP PROPERLY?

Will the heroine be seduced by sleep on a Saturday? Will she come up with a name for the Anti-WAP? Will E. Lockhart show up at Innovative on Sunday? Join us next time...

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