Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bookshelf Interview: Thomas Wade Bounds

Thomas Wade Bounds is a businessman and the founder of Heritage Values. He lives with his wife Elsa and their two children, in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the author of Choices, My Secrets.

INN: In your book Choices: My Secrets, you tell the story of a pregnant teenager faced with the decision to abort or carry her child. What inspired you to tell this story about teen pregnancy?

TWB: Well, many things have. Over the course of my life I have seen lots of needless deaths caused by car accidents, suicides and other things. I have also known several people who have chosen to abort a life of wonder and joy, as well as, many who have chosen to have and keep theirs, and then others who give up for adoption their little life of wonder and joy.

This was a way for me to explain something to my children that could provide them a glimpse of reality without having to live it out themselves. I wanted them to have a solid understanding of what a life can become if given a chance. I feel that as a parent it is my responsibility to arm my kids with the information they need to make the right choices for them and to understand that some choices have serious life-changing status.

INN: What has been the most difficult part about writing your book? The coolest part?

TWB: The most difficult part was to find the courage to ask someone to read it. I thought, yes, I have written what I think is important, but will it make sense to others?

The coolest part was watching and hearing the reaction from those that read it and liked it.

INN: I believe you are writing for the Christian market. What makes writing a Christian book different than writing "regular" young adult?

TWB: Nothing really. When I write I just write what I believe is important for parents and teens to know, to help them to talk about certain issues that may be difficult for them to discuss. This series works, and will bring out conversations of importance between parents and teens.

I am not only writing for the Christian market; I am writing for anyone who wants to read it. There are many messages within the book and series that we can all learn from. Choices, My Secrets, tells a story of many choices that were made--most without thought. Struggles became reality and the lost girl ran from her own family and friends trying to hide what she did and to hide her baby. When she took the time to reflect and really think about what she was doing she made better choices for her and her baby. All people, regardless of faith, can experience that. Choices, My Secrets can help you learn from these types of choices, and hopefully help you prevent making similar decisions by learning the wisdom that Rachel has come to know.

INN: What's up next in the series?

TWB: I am working on topics that deal with teens’ choices of friends, parties, drinking and driving, and some of the consequences of these actions.

INN: What are some of your favorite books?

TWB: The Bible, Hunt For Red October, The Bleachers, and of course Choices, My Secrets

INN: Any advice for teen writers?

TWB: Yes, say, “Yes”. You can do it, just put forth the thought process, block out all negative thoughts and write what you desire; your words, your imagination they can all come together and you can accomplish it.

Thank you!

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