Sunday, July 29, 2007

Anyone Want "The Basics of Submission"??

Hey! Something's funky with the comments, or I'd post there. I know the world of writing submissions is CRAZY and confusing, but I also know that if you can master the basics, it becomes a cinch. OK, not a cinch, but much easier to understand. (I still get reprimanded for forgetting to double-space everything.)

I could do a Submissions 101 post, where I walk everybody through the complete process, including looking for a magazine. Anybody interested?? I wouldn't mind doing it at all. Or we could do it as part of the regular Innovative WORD and just bump "The Balancing Act" down a week. Feedback, people, feedback. Majority will win.

Where have you submitted to? [Issue 2]

Confession is good for the soul, apparently, so let's have a major session. Let's talk about our SSS symptoms (SSSS? wow, too many Ss.) Have you ever submitted to a magazine, e-zine, anthology, or something like that? What happened? If you've never submitted, how come?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

If You Want to Subscribe...

Innovative is free to everyone, so no money-worries! Send me your name & email address to I will not give your address to spammers or advertisers, it is considered private. Currently, Innovative is sent as a intext-email format, which means it reads just like you would read your Aunt Sally's pancake recipe. I'm still messing around with that.

Please drop me a line! Innovative is rockin' fun for any teen or person-who-likes-teens who loves writing and publication.

Welcome to the Innovative Website

Hey! This is now the Official Innovative Website & Blog. If you haven't heard, Innovative is a brand-new e-newsletter for WriTeens (writing teenagers) and those who support them. We've had our first issue, and are getting ready for Issue 2 tomorrow. Check it out!

I still want to stick to the whole email-sending format for now. More Innovative technology will come. For right now, enjoy what this will become!