Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bookshelf: Name Your Spring Break Reads

So... Spring Break reading. Populated by escapist travel guides and innocent romances, it's almost a genre unto itself. What did you guys pick up?

Disney World allowed little time for reading, but when I was college-hunting in Raleigh I picked up this little number by John Grisham. Wow! This was the book that started the legend/genre/incredibly successful career? Neat-o.
This is a book I have heard about but not read yet, about TRAVELING. An overachiever is forced into a trip across Asia (think Vietnam) with her blackmailing grandmother. Creating a lot of buzz, too.
Ah, we cannot escape the pleasures of Kate Brian (although I was not happy with the latest book in the Private series, miss.) A delightful tale of MySpace and misplaced affection in senior semester and PROM, it's a perfect beach read.
As is this one.
If you are of the non-chick-flick variety of reader and prefer to travel across time, what about this one? It promises fights and naval battles and lots of hot... I mean, strong... Viking warriors.
All right. What did you read over Spring Break? Any recommendations?

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