Wednesday, March 5, 2008

If You Want to Write...

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My Extracurriculars...

Treat your writing career like an extracurricular. A sport, an art, a team, whatever. Think about how much effort goes into a girls' softball team. They practice almost every day of the school week for at least two hours. They have games most weekends. They make friends with other softballers and grow in their sport, having fun but sometimes not having fun (sweat, yuck.) Most softball players will never play for college, but the ones that do have a combination of talent and a lot more hard work. People who play softball don't play all the time everywhere (there's this thing called school....) but it's a good part of their lives.

Thus is writing. Think about your writing commitment. Do you like publishing a piece here and there, but don't really want to make the effort to be a committed WriTeen? That's totally fine. But if you want bigger results, you'll have to clock in more time and be willing to handle the not-so-fun days. Yet you also get to make writing friends and go to conferences and fight it out in writing contests.

Is writing your extracurricular?

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