Monday, October 20, 2008

I Wanna Write a Teen Life Novel

Which begs the question because I'm writing a book about high school academia.
But still.
The guy who read Crime and Punishment at age 7. The girl with the awesome blonde streak in her dark Asian hair. The friend who's already been accepted to college and lords it over us all, charitably. The debate team captain who's quiet and brilliant. The SCA president straight out of Mark Twain. The newspaper editor in love with her boyfriend.
These people make up the mosaic of my Monday-Friday life, and sometimes weekends, when writing allows. They get cranky and fussy and mean and lovely, all the time, without reason. They are the ones that I want to write about, to explain the mystery of teenness to the outside world. Their dramas and stories, and whining and laughing are what feeds writers. They make my day. They will make my book.

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