Monday, October 6, 2008

Gabrielle Online

I have an overwhelming inclination to yell, Wheerrre's Waldo?

My October column for is online at

I blog every Thursday for Orb28, an online extension of New Moon magazine and blogged about cooking here:

And my post about the fantabulous Basket of Kisses was mentioned in their Lipp Gloss round-up. As I said, my life is now complete. Don't believe me? Visit at

I updated our sidebar with quite a few things. The Innovative description has been rewritten, I've added a list of what I'm reading and now you can follow this blog as five lovely ladies have already done (Thank you Kristi, Lenore, Lana, Mags and KB!)

WORD will surface tomorrow as part of a 3-step guide to writing query letters. See ya!

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Anonymous said...

Nominated you for the ILYBlog award!