Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bookshelf: The TTYLs

Lauren Myracle's TTYL series has rocked the bestseller lists (TTYL, TTFN and L8R G8R) and they better darn well be rocking your bookshelves. Apart from the fact that she co-wrote with E. Lockhart for How to Be Bad, her books are must-reads because... well, they're written in IM.
Some may see this as the apocalypse of literature, but it's not. Myracle manages to create 3-D characters without any prose or description, and make it seem natural. I love the complex friendships between Zoe, Maddie and Angela because they're real without being boring. The problems they face with boys, Queen Bees, faith, doubt, each other and themselves are not easily solved and won't be fixed without sacrifice.
Put them on your TBR.


snowflake said...

I just finished TTYL and loved it! I think a lot of people dismiss this series as shallow, but it's really anything but superficial! The characters are so realistic, with flaws and strengths, and their lives are easy to relate to. Definite must-read!

tutulorraine said...

I love the series and how Lauren Myracle takes such a fresh approach to connecting with teens. As the way that WE connect changes, so can literature. Not to say I don't love the classic novel, but isn't one rule of writing to be CREATIVE? That's how Myracle created the form of this book and how it got on the best-sellers list.