Monday, September 29, 2008

Literary Analysis and Lippstick

No, that's not a typo.
Being a senior with 1.6 bazillion honors classes and 3.4 million clubs, I can't watch TV and hope to get into college (my GPA is directly correspondent to hours of TV watched... negatively.) I started watching Mad Men season one over the summer, but couldn't keep up with it during the school year. Weep, weep.
But I found Basket of Kisses.
Basket of Kisses ( is becoming my favorite blog. Run by the two Lipp sisters, it's a Mad Men fan's dream. There's constant reporting on where the stars of the show are, who's getting mentioned, what's going on, and best of all, detailed and personal analysis of what the characters mean and what the show is trying to say.
I love it.
As someone who loves to over-analysis, I think the Lipp sisters and their friends are top-notch at critiquing and seeing into deeper themes of this show. They're fun, they're edgy, they're insightful: I can go on for hours. They keep me connected to a show I can't watch.
Why am I posting about it here? Whether you like the show or not, run over to BoK and check out how they analyze scenes. It's the perfect example if you're trying to write literary criticism and sell it to a magazine, and you feel a heck of a lot smarter once you understand the deeper themes of the show that took the Emmy for Best Drama.


Roberta Lipp said...

Wow. Thank you.

And just so you know, Deborah and I sincerely think that both writing and teenagers are cool.


Janette Rallison said...

I hate to tell you this, but I've been out of school for twenty years and I still don't have time to watch TV. Sigh.

I'd be happy to do an interview for you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gabrielle,
This is my first time visiting your blog; I read your posts on the
orb28 blog and loved them! Anyway, I completely agree. I always feel so guilty watching superficial TV shows, especially when I know exactly how shallow they are, and ignore that minor detail. It's nice to know that people are digging deeper into these shows and giving them some meaning -and, for that matter, making us less guilty for watching them.

Gabrielle said...

I seriously dig your blog, Roberta, thank you so much for stopping by! I can read blogs at school, so whenever my Reader tells me that BoK has something new... it makes me happy.

Awesome, Jannette! (Except that bit about never being able to watch TV. That stinks. My illusions of adult life are shattered.) I'll email you,

Thanks for coming over, Snowflake! I know. I used to watch Project Runway (can't; grades) and it feels a little guilty to watch clothing being made... but Tim Gunn, Tim Gunn...