Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to School Happiness

I love school.

I'm absolutely thrilled with my schedule (just scared someone will come in and say, just kidding.) My teachers are a riot (to the guy who said we can bribe him with chocolate chip cookies, to the woman who says "take it like a woman" rather than the other, to the brave one who asked 33 people who they thought the most vivid character was in our summer reading), I'm not in a super-advanced math class for once (thank God) and I love my school.


The cheesiness.

Life is busy for me these days. I'm blogging here (which I love), I've started a monthly column at (more on that tomorrow) called Fresh Ideas, and I am blogging every Thursday at Orb 28 (, part of the online New Moon community.

I have my own freelancing (lovely stuff) and THE BOOK! which I FINISHED! (at least the first draft. Technically 160 words are my own "made-up reviews" to boost my confidence, but what the heckle.)

So, how is your back-to-schoolness going?

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Anonymous said...

I haven't started yet, but I have to look forward to a brand new math, english, latin, and history teacher. I lOVED my Latin teacher and hope the new guy or gal can make it as fun as he did.