Thursday, September 25, 2008

Linking You Up!

Carol brought up something I've been meaning to blog about. I'm always up for a link exchange with blogs or websites, provided you're somewhat connected to either teens, books, publishing and writing or libraries. Personal about-me blogs are okay if you talk about books quite a bit, but I'm not crazy about me-and-my-boyfriend-last-night stuff. That's for Facebook.

But if you're a lit lover, teen lover, pub lover: please email me or comment! I've got a lovely blogroll going and will soon be breaking it down in to publishing blogs, review blogs and other details.

Pema wrote about a very relevant topic (time management for writers) here:

The Story Siren reviewed a book known to most Innovative readers (Queen Geek Social Club) here: I'll be reviewing Prom Queen Geeks sometime next week.

Nannette blogged about the difference between "young new writers" and "new writers" over at her blog:

Nicole at WORD for Teens is always worth a good read at

And in celebration of the upcoming Banned Book Week, Guys Lit Wire spotlights flaming bookmarks

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Brooke Taylor said...

Thanks soooo much for the AWESOME review and interview!!

And I'm in amazing company for Best Books!

Oh--I'm having a banned book giveaway on my blog/LJ/Myspace --so stop by and comment to win!