Sunday, September 7, 2008

Behind the Blog: Little Willow

Welcome to Behind the Blog!

Book reviewing bloggers are crazy. They are insane. They are so flipping cool that we are spending this whole week getting to know the people behind seven of our favorite blogs. Our kick-off interviewee is none other than
Little Willow

Little Willow is a bookseller, book reviewer, actress and web designer all at once. She's involved with several online groups and reviews, and a new contributor to SparkNotes and SparkLife. Her reputation as a book critic and reading advocate is respected throughout the blogosphere and I'm thrilled to have her here with us.
INN: Why did you start reviewing books online?
LW: I've always loved reading and talking about books with others. I've worked in bookstores for years. I like moderating book groups and putting books in the hands of people I know will enjoy them. I especially like recommending authors and books which are fantastic but perhaps aren't as well known as other writers or releases. I started my book blog, Bildungsroman, as an extension of all that.
INN: You're involved with many different online groups, such as Readergirlz and Guys Lit Wire. What have those experiences been like?
LW: I'm proud to be a part of both projects. I am in constant touch with the readergirlz divas (the authors who founded the project) as I update the website and create the HTML code for the monthly issues. I also head up the postergirlz, the teen lit advisory council, which is made up of five females: a bookseller (me), a YA librarian, a mother, and two teens, all of whom are bloggers and writers.
I am one of many contributors to the GuysLitWire blog, which was created and is overseen by Colleen from the Chasing Ray blog and Sarah from Finding Wonderland. Both readergirlz and GLW aim to get people talking about good books, especially those with strong characters who overcome adversity or dare to be different.
INN: What's the best book of 2008 so far?
LW: It's difficult to name only one title, as there have been so many notable releases in YA this year. Soulless by Christopher Golden is my pick for horror, hands-down. Zombies are "in" this year, and this is far and away the best of the undead batch. Siobhan Vivian must be noted as a great new voice in realistic modern-day fiction with her debut novel, A Little Friendly Advice.
The Adoration of Jenna Fox is a brilliant book, both timely and topical as we realize what was once perceived as the stuff of science fiction could be tomorrow's reality. What Happens Here by Tara Altebrando was stunning, really stunning. Forever Changes by Brendan Halprin also must be mentioned.
INN: If you could turn any old movie (say, pre-1975) into a classic book, what movie would you choose? Would any plot elements change?
LW: That's a nice twist. Usually, people ask about making books into films, rather than the other way around. I'd love to get my hands on the story Love Lies Bleeding by Jack (John) Patrick. It was the basis for one of my favorite movies, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, but I do not know if it was simply an idea or actually a published story.
In any event, I would keep it as it was; I would not not make it contemporary nor change it in any other way. Oh, except for the cat. I'd make sure that the cat was uninjured. If you want to know what I'm talking about, you simply must watch the film!
INN: Any advice for fellow reviewers?
LW: Be honest. Be professional. Be positive. Read a little bit of everything, and re-read old favorites every once in a while. Read for fun, for research, and for the love of a good book.
Thank you, Little Willow!
We continue with Behind the Blog tomorrow to meet Steph, AKA Reviewer X


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for chatting with me! :)

siobhan vivian said...

I can't tell you how honored I am to have Little Willow say such nice things about my book. Her blog is the absolute best.

Erin said...

really fun interview :)

taltebrando said...

What a great interview! And how lucky am I that Little Willow is as much a fan of mine as I am of hers! :)

Book Chic said...

Great interview! LW rocks! I too loved What Happens Here and Jenna Fox- great books. And she helped me in trying to get Soulless- she does her best to mold more Christopher Golden fans. :P hehe