Monday, August 18, 2008

Writing Supplies: The Necessities

1. The Laptop. If, by any force of nature, you are able to possess, rent or steal a laptop, do so. Private desktops work pretty well, too, but laptops are better. You need a laptop in a quiet space that you can access at almost any given time, when inspiration or deadlines strike thee.

2. The Big Book. I used to not believe in the power of an Empty Book (Putting Your Passion into Print) or a writing notebook for jotting down ideas and notes. I do now. I suggest at least an 8 x 11 notebook, preferably with rings on the side so it's easy to tear out paper.

What do you write down here? Ideas, deadlines, notes, observations, practical and impractical things. Guys can carry it in a backpack, girls in a large purse.

3. Lots of pens, maybe pencils. I love pens. I really, really love pens and have to have lots of them all the time. They usually have logos of beauty salons and pharmaceuticals on them, because these are free.

Buy these things now before school hits and your brain is so swamped you've forgotten you love to write. And stay tuned for Writing Supplies Part Deux and an announcement of next week's giveaway.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your blog is sincerely one of the most useful writing sites I've ever come across, Gabrielle. Every post seems to influence me somehow.

I love pens too - my favorite of the moment is this one pen of mine that says, "I once was a tire, but I retired as a pen", since it's made from recycled tire rubber. Now that's another way to go green. ;)

My big notebook goes everywhere with me - random ideas, To-Do lists, and story jots. How would I live without it?