Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Milking Politics (Or How Obama Can Get You Published)

Political magazines, websites and newspapers are prime markets for the educated young writer. Why? Because no teens ever write for them.
If you're an out-and-out Obama supporter, if you're a diehard McCainnite, if you worship a third-party candidate or think politics is skewed permanently, write about it. Write about living through this election. Write about your predictions for what will happen. Follow a basic five point essay format if you're a beginner, or do more stream-of-consciousness if you can.

In a world saturated with politics, teens alone have the fresh perspective (I'm not saying it's the right one, but still.) I know I've said this before, but write about politics now.

It will help if you have outside credentials like being active in your school's political groups, volunteering for campaigns and lots of clips because you've been published before. Again, not necessary, but it will help.
Go at it, young farmer, and milk that Bessie.

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