Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Avoiding a Market Overload

(If You Want to Write...)

Can I blurb quickly for and These two resources have given me more opportunities and markets than any subscription writing magazine, even though those magazines have ten times the number of market listings.

I get easily overwhelmed by all that opportunity. How the heck am I supposed to write for all of them? Even if I could, I have no interest in working for Highly Technical Snob or other such markets. What I love about FFW and KMW is that they regularly list a small-to-middling number of specialized markets. KMW features markets appropriate for children's and YA writers, while FFW divides them by pay range.

Even with these "small bites," I sometimes forget to research these great leads. My strategy?


When I get FFW & Small Markets in my inbox, I skim through them and copy all those that look relevant and interesting. I then email that list to myself. I often do the same with KMW. This way, I have an even smaller list of specialized markets that I'm interested in and it's in my email (usually starred or marked as new) until my freelance palate is ready for more food.

The more you highlight and save and draw doodles over new magazines or e-zines that you want to write for, the more likely you'll be to do it! Managing a budding career doesn't take organizational prowess... just a little forethought.

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