Thursday, August 21, 2008

Writing Supplies: The Desires

Ah, summer mornings. I'm eating a leftover Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie from B&N, my absolute favorite thing to get there. It is The Perfect Cookie. Even for breakfast.

These are writing supplies one wants but not technically needs. Ask any teenage girl, and she'll tell you there's no difference between the words.

1. The Steno Pad. My baby sister bought three for her school supplies, and I'm so jealous. Steno pads evoke secretaries and classic shorthand. They're also useful for idea jotting and they make you feel like a real writer.

2. The Pens with Character. You already have everyday pens and pencils, because those are needed. Now, again from Putting Your Passion Into Print, you need a special pen. A pen with personality, or maybe five personalities. My mom gave me a Belle pen one year with bright yellow feathers and a picture of Belle that lit up when you wrote. Yes, it was awesome.

3. The Clip Binder. As you start getting published, it's a good idea to keep records and copies of what was published where. Get a high-quality, fascinating binder that screams Keep Me Up to Date! And keep it. Up to date.

4. The Ergonomic Keyboard. Haha. But, guys, carpal tunnel and tendonitis are serious, especially if you have a family history of the two. Take care of your hands, because they are the one body part (apart from your brain) that you need in order to write. Check out a book on proper typing position. If you play an instrument, like I do, double-check with your teachers on the best ways to relieve stress on your hands.

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