Monday, August 25, 2008

Notes & Reminders

Enter to win a copy of Fringe Benefits!
The odds are really good that you'll win the perfect beach read
or gift for the girl in your life

I feel like such a housekeeper.

- How did you use your summer? I would love to do some profiles on WriTeens who have been published or done some neat writing things this summer.
- I'm more than 90% done with my rough draft, due on September 1. So psyched! I love completing deadlines.
-Brittany & Brianna Winner are visiting us on Wednesday. Our first teen interviewees who have actually been published and have done so successfully!
- Contest for Fringe Benefits ends Thursday night, so comment and tell me about your ideal summer job! I am opening it up to Canadian residents, so Monties can read Valerie Frankel too.
- Speaking of Valerie Frankel (, she has a memoir coming out next month called Thin is the New Happy. I am so excited about this book.
- I'm putting up a new sidebar for The Best Books of 2008 (So Far.) These are books that, regardless of who you are, are worth your time. Lots of your time.

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