Thursday, May 1, 2008

If You Want to Write...

Involve the 'Rents

Being a WriTeen, you are 99% likely to be living with some form of adult. Probably parent, possibly grandparent or godparent. If you are in the 1% that do not live with adults, you are either orphaned in Africa or a millionaire writing about what it's like to be a millionaire without parents.

It is hard to be a WriTeen without involving the 'rents.

Parents drive you to the library or get you a car to drive. Parents taught you to read. Parents buy you pens and paper and quite possibly a laptop. Parents sign permissions slips for magazines that require them. Parents provide angst-filled essay fodder and they will be your shrink's sources of income when you are middle-aged and hopelessly messed up.

My parents are involved in exactly the right way. My mom helped me write two articles (one for Cobblestone and FACES)- double Linnell bylines were pretty sweet. My dad buys the New York Times every Sunday so that I can read the Style Section-- I mean, Book Review. They take me to the library, buy me books, provide essay fodder, and complain a bit about all the hours I spend on the computer. This means that my writing, although supported, is my own.


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Innovative will be posted tomorrow night, because Saturday is SAT-day and my brain will be FRIED.

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