Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Veggying Up

Veggying: the participle of the verb to veggie, meaning to eat the proper amount of vegetables; or to go vegetarian

I have come out of the proverbial closet: yes, my friends, I am a herbivore as of last Thursday. Technically, I'm a lacto-ovo pescetarian, since I eat dairy, eggs and fish.* But I am not eating meat any more and I am thinking about how this relates to WriTeenism...
In a recent comment discussion, we were talking about how the lack of life experience is a big problem for WriTeens. We have no memories of a gilded (or screwed up) past to fuel creative fires. So we must make the most out of what we have!
Teens are usually making semi-controversial decision: where to go to college, whether to veer into the "illegal entertainment" arena, who to date, what to believe, whether to eat meat or not. I'm not making light of these decisions, because they are very important. Realize how important they are, and how they define you. And then write about it.
* Note: I have not succumbed to any serious PETA-like views on animal rights. However, I am committed to being healthy and I really don't like meat very much. Thus, I am a lacto-ovo pescetarian. Don't forget that prom is in like two weeks, and I have to skinny into my dress.

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