Saturday, May 10, 2008

WORD: What's Up in the Biz?

by Gabrielle Linnell

Nathan Bransford, a literary agent who blogs at, often writes about the wealth of publishing information on the internet.

Maria Schneider, editor of Writer's Digest, blogged recently over at on tips for aspiring journalists.

Jessica Faust, an agent at, wrote about what an agent looks for in a submission just this week.

Janet Reid has started a blog at giving query critique-- the kind of feedback one can only dream of getting.

GalleyCat, over at, is the publishing gossip website and perfect for celeb-author news and scandal.

Want to know how to get an agent? Write a book? Publish a short story? Become a journalist? It doesn't matter that you live as far from New York City or London as you possibly could. You can still find out what's going on. And the best part? This stuff is NOT BORING! The bloggers are witty and scathing, the magazines are colorful and informative, the books are (mostly) well written.

The first If You Want to Write post was the 10 Minutes a Day rule. Spend ten minutes learning more about the publishing industry every day. Understanding how this biz works will make you a better writer. Just don't forget to actually do the writing.

Gabrielle Linnell spends too much time in publishing and hopes to continue the trend for the rest of her career. She is currently living out her vegetarian lifestyle and studying hard (i.e., catching up on Gilmore Girls) for AP Chemistry.

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