Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Facing Disappointment

We think small, dream big, get excited and then KABOOM! the world seems to explode in our face, or not explode, and disappointment sets in like a popped balloon.

Disappointment is different from rejection, I think. I submit a lot of stuff and most of it is rejected, but I'm not disappointed. I'm only disappointed when I entertained hope, when I thought-- maybe, just maybe-- I might win this one. Then I lose that one. Unlike being attacked, which motivates me to fight back (and attack harder!), losing gives you a sense of... loss. Something that could have been there, wasn't.

I frequently feel like this after contests. I'm writing this after finding out I'd lost in a contest I'd hoped to win.

I'm sad.

However, I believe in what I'm writing and I know it will find its home-- I'll have to work harder, write harder, darn it. The best way for me to handle disappointment is to treat it like an attack. Am I doing something wrong? Let me check. Do I need to keep pedalling, and pedal harder? You betcha. Am I going to win the next one?

Wait and see. Or rather, you wait and see while I work my butt off and win it.

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