Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Teen Life

I just survived my AP Chemistry exam. I left my phone at school in the process and almost certainly failed the exam, but I do have all my limbs and a few remaining brain cells. Under risk of College Board vengeance, I'm sharing no (wrong) answers, except a warning that WriTeens in general should not be taking AP Chemistry.

I've never been an average teenager. The words "unorthodox," "wacko" and "eccentric" usually take the place of "normal." A little genetic nerdiness and a big love of gossip have shaped how I write. People interest me. How people change interest me, and seeing as I see more teens than adults every day, I write about teenagers.

The current book project (because there's always a book project) is my first one on teens, teendom, school, academics, angst, the works. I've never been so secure about a project, or as inspired, because this is what I know. I live in this crazy adolescent environment and can write about it as both an insider and as an observer. If I wrote this book ten years from now, it would change: I would be more mature, have better style, take different stances. But the heartbeat of the story wouldn't be as strong, because the book's pulse is my pulse. Teen life is what drives my writing.

So in the interests of a better writing future, I am investing too much of other people's money and going to prom this weekend. Because, you know, think of what I could write about.

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