Wednesday, May 14, 2008

If You Want to Write...

Write Fiction and Poetry

With all my talk about articles and freelancing, one might assume that I hate all fiction and poetry and think WriTeens should crank out only straight nonfiction. NO!! I LOVE fiction and poetry. They are incredibly important. Can I re-emphasize that I LOVE FICTION AND POETRY?

I think fiction and poetry are important because they are freest in creative expression. It is the cheapest airplane ticket of the imagination known to mankind. Fiction is where the best moments of my Wri-Life happen. And poetry is the most delicate and incredible form of writing, and the hardest to write well. Both fiction and poetry are harder to sell but never never impossible.

There is no larger font size than LARGEST FONT in Blogger, so I can't re-emphasize that I love fiction and poetry. But to allay your doubts, I'm starting a Fiction/Poetry Spotlight here at Innovative and I'm looking for submissions and ideas. Some of mine include

Featuring fiction and poetry from WriTeens
Quotes & excerpts from fantastic fiction & poetry
Tips from both WriTeens and published writers
Random brainstorms on the love of art
Inspiration corners! Random Van Goghs in pink! YouTube videos! Go wild!

Looking for a better name than Fiction/Poetry Spotlight and for fantastic ideas on ways to express our communal love of the imagination. Ideas and comments appreciated. :D

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