Friday, November 28, 2008

That Sarah Dessen Mood

I have resisted Sarah Dessen for about three years. My friend Rachel once said that authors who write a lot of the same kind of books are not very good, and said this while looking at Sarah Dessen's newest release. I agreed with her.

Yet one weekend this fall, I was exhausted and frustrated and low. This happens when my normal schedule (creature of habit, what can I say?) is thwonked and I have too much or too little going on. I needed a book that wouldn't require too much higher thought, that was well-written enough not to annoy me and that would convince me that true love and fulfillment are possible. I picked up Keeping the Moon, since I mistakenly thought this was her best one (it's not.)

I liked it.

I'm in the middle of This Lullaby right now (which I adore.) That's the thing about her books, I'm predicting: they're adorable. They won't rock your worldview or make you cry too hard or persuade you to join the Peace Corps, but they rock you to sleep when you're tired and change your mood from I am Cranky and Disillusioned to Maybe The World Can Be Beautiful.

To a Sarah Dessen mood.


Emily said...

Love Sarah Dessen. Can't help myself!

nadine said...

Me too Emily. She's like my favorite author. But for some reason, the cover of Dreamland is keeping me from reading it. I don't know why.


Vanessa ( said...

I love that Sarah Dessen mood. The reason why she's my favorite author. :)

Glad you now like that Sarah Dessen mood.