Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Teens Talk Relationships, Gabrielle Talks Reviews

Sibling #2 is screaming, "Thief! Thief! Sock thief!" at Sibling #3 who is conveniently deaf (and didn't know about the socks' origins.) Relationships are funny things, and all the funny, sad and romantic parts of our human-human connections are explored in Chicken Soup's compilation, Teens Talk Relationships.
I haven't read as many Chicken Soup books as I'd like, but I love this one. If anything, the franchise is incredible because it lives up to its name: the stories are comforting, often sweet, sometimes sad. I love the story of Michelle and the rose, the stories of first love and almost love and love lost. I'm not a huge fan of the poetry bits and some of the stories are not well-written. Overall, I'm impressed with the honesty of people sharing their stories, with the challenge to risk everything to gain a good relationship, with Chicken Soup for delivering another winner.
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