Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recycling the Assigned Calendar of Life and Stress (WORD)

That sounds very Zen of me, doesn't it? Weird.

Many of you know I have been working on a novel since last February, entitled The Destruction of an Honor Student. I love this book, I've loved writing it and I'm very positive about its future. Using tips from Kelly L. Stone's Time to Write, I set out a master goal to have the book written by September 1, rewritten by October 15 and finished by December 1. I met the first two deadlines with ferocity. I haven't edited my book since October.

What happened?

In a word: school. I'm taking four AP classes, two instruments with a performing ensemble and honors orchestra, applying to seven colleges (which takes MUCH longer than you'd think), going to see Twilight, participating in a thousand different clubs... I'm not complaining, and as hectic as life is, I love what I'm doing. But when I'm writing and re-writing essays every night, I don't have time to be working on a book.

At least in November I didn't.

So, I changed my schedule from Gabrielle-whining to Gabrielle-being-deliberate. I chose to take November off from novel-writing (and freelancing, but that's another story.) When I go back to my book on December 1 (and finish by midnight on New Years'), I will look at it with googly eyes and a fair amount of disgust. December will see the end of college applications and my life-in-bondage to College Board.* December will see Destruction finished.

Recycle the calendar that you have been given. Life will never stoop to accomodate writing, and sometimes writing can't happen because other things are more important. Just don't forget you're a writer. Look at the world with a writer's eyes. Journal every night. Check out books from your school library and read them in between classes. Then, when you go back to work with a sigh and a skip and a little tear, you will be a better writer for it.

*After December 6th, I will no longer be taking College Board tests. I have promised to burn my big blue book. If I can find a safe place to do so, I will burn the $%@! thing and take pictures to prove it.


Emily said...

Wow, thank you so much for those words of wisdom. I am absolutely swamped at the moment and I need to just chill out and take a deep breath. Good luck with your book! I can't wait to read it.

nadine said...

Wow, you are one busy bee, and writing a book too, that's pretty amazing. I really like the title. Is it an autobiography?


Madeline said...

This makes me want to go out and read The Lullaby, I see it on the shelf every time I walk into a Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million and always subconciously compliment the excellent book cover. It's simple, sweet, and a little modern chic.