Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Giveaway! Giveaway! Give-a-What?!

Thanks to all who have become followers of the blog; the less I blog, the more people read me... is this a sign?
A publicist for Chicken Soup has generously donated a copy of Chicken Soup: Teens Talk Relationships for an Innovative giveaway. I picked this one because a) I'm a huge romantic and b) relationships interest me more than any other category or topic. I'll be reviewing the book in a few days, but we can start the giveaway process right here.
RULES (Very Simple)

1. Comment on this post with a 2-3 sentence anecdote about a relationship you have. Whether with S.O. or parent or puppy, I do not care. Do you have a relationship? Then you can comment!

2. All comments are counted equally toward an out-of-the-hat drawing on December 1.
Extra Points! (Very Simple)

Extra credit has saved my butt so many times, I'll lend you some.

1. If you commented on Susan Johnston's "Comment for a Cure," you get 3 chances to win.

2. If you become a follower of this blog or have been a follower of this blog, you get 3 chances to win.

3. If you did both, you get 4 chances to win. Don't yell at me, I'm bad at math.
You have till December 1 to win a brand spanking new copy of this anticipated anthology that promises to be the perfect book for when you feel like escaping your own relationships and learning about someone else's.


Diana Dang said...

Hmm, I guess for awhile now I really liked one of my guy friends. It lasted for about two years. Except that he was madly "in love" with my best friend. I didn't like it so much but he was also obsessive. So during that time period, it was quite hard for me to open up to him. I feel so fake most of the time. But then one day when I was walking home, I suddenly had an "AHA!" moment. I stopped liking him from then on and now I feel comfortable around him. =)

stargirlreads said...

Hmmm my relationship with my mom is pretty interesting. At times were best friends and at others we want to rip some hair out. I always love her but we need to work on communication.

Anonymous said...

I guess the relationship with the guy I like. I met him a few months ago and it's been an interesting journey tying to get to know him better because he's shyer than I am. It's taught me to be more open if I want to get to know this amazing guy, and I'm glad I did. :)

Vanessa ( said...

My relationship with my baby brother Junior is loving and playful. He's a year and five months and he loves to play with me. He's always pointing at the floor next to him so I could sit down with him. He's adorable and a cutie and always kisses me.

And I became a follower! :)

What is the Susan Johnston thing? I'm (sadly) not a regular on your blog.

whatvanessareads (at)

Gabrielle said...

Hey! Thanks to y'all for joining in!

The Susan Johnston (over at thing was when I asked readers to comment on Susan's "comment and she'll donate $1 to cancer research" thing a while back. If you participated in that, please let me know! If not, *follow* and thank you!

Anonymous said...

Don't enter into this one but great giveaway!~

Can I save my 3 entries until another giveaway XD

nadine said...

I have a great relationship with my sister. We're 3yrs apart but sometimes it doesn't seem like it. We could stay on the phone for hours, talking about absolutely nothing, but still find ourselves laughing our heads off. It even got to the point where mom and dad got on to us about talking too much, but we just laughed at that too. lol. She is like my best and only friend, I don't know what I'd do without her.


~PaperCrane~ said...

my most interesting relationship is most likely between me and my best friend, we have a TON in common, youngest in a family of 4 kids, left handers, glasses... the most difference however, is the fact that my best friend is a Boy. It is quite interesting to be sitting with him, talking about the most random things, then his older brother (another friend of mine) comes over and whispers in my ear "so you like him?" the odd thing about mine and Joel's relationship though, is that we do not like eachother at all in that kind of way. infact, when ever either of us admit to the other that they like somone, there is so much making-fun-of, that you'd almost think we where siblings. almost...

Madeline said...

I'm not the best at keeping in touch with people or balancing friendships, so when my best friend moved to Richmond it seemed our relationship was doomed forever. Not so. We have actually scheduled times where we talk on the phone regularly, and while this may seem too structured for most people, it's worked out amazingly.