Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quick Thoughts on College Essay Editing

- At this point, I'm thrilled if my parents tell me that a part of it is "good."
- At this point, I'm not emotionally attached to my essays (which is really good.)
- I've edited several of my friends' essays and learn more about my own writing in the process.
- Always use active verbs.
- Always put the focus on YOU and not the college/hero/school/toy in question.
- Don't be trite.
- Write like you talk to grown-ups and you'll be fine.
- It's a little unnerving to write an essay that may be worth more than $50,000 for merit scholarships.
- If I edited my freelance stuff as intensely as these college essays, I'd be the Writer of the Year. They don't even have that award but I'd win it.
- You learn a lot.

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Emily said...

Thanks for the tips! The process of the essay seems so daunting!