Saturday, June 14, 2008

WORD: Writing Other Places

by Gabrielle Linnell

So, sometimes my room gets boring. It's a very interesting room, usually cluttered by clothing and papers and who-knows-what, but boring it gets. That's when I take the laptop and hit the road. Below are some things to consider when choosing the Inspirational Writing Getaway.

Wi-Fi or No Wi-Fi. If there's Wi-Fi, you'll be able to access email and internet listings and do some actual e-submission. However, the internet is also a tad distracting. I prefer no Wi-Fi, so that I can just type without re-checking my Google Reader.

Definitely eat. Go someplace with food. If you've got a nice summer allowance, the Starbucks atmosphere is way cool and worth the cash. For those of us saving our pennies, grocery stores and internet cafes and pretty much anywhere with a table is a good idea. You can always buy a $1 biscotti to pay for your seat.

Musically interesting. If you hate modern rock, don't go to any store that places modern rock regularly. Music has a lot to do with atmosphere. Do you like quiet places to work? Try the local library. Huge fan of Kelly Clarkson (....)? McDonald's is your ticket.

Personally, I recommend Paris and Barcelona as ideal writing destinations... but one must write a few more articles before that happens.

Gabrielle Linnell has been published in lots of magazines you might have heard of. She is on a one-movie-a-day diet and reading David Copperfield for the first time.

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