Friday, June 20, 2008

Publisher's Lunch Confusion

"As usual, we posted over 30 new deals, among them: Non-fiction inspirational titles by NYT bestseller Debbie Macomber; A narrative investigation of Roger Clemens; A View co-host memoir of "granting permission slips" in life; A vampire novel featuring Jane Austen as its undead heroine; historical fantasy set in the Lower East Side; Debut fiction from an Indian; lots of film rights, and much more."

I'm a cheapie who doesn't read Publisher's Marketplace, but I don't quite get one of the sentences here. Debut fiction from an Indian? Huh? Is the author a resurrected Native American? Because otherwise, I don't see anything super spectacular about an Indian (as in: native of India) or Native American author publishing fiction. Last I checked, people of all races were equally adept at writing novels.

This is probably just a typo, but it proves that you must watch your typos! Or Gabrielle will come after you.


Anonymous said...

:) With a pen in hand, ready to correct it.

Anonymous said...

As a Board member of the Jane Austen Society of No. America, I am VERY interested to learn more about "A vampire novel featuring Jane Austen as its undead heroine"! I have written to Colleen Gleason (author of the Gardella Vampire Chronicles) thinking it was her; it isn't. Do you have more info??

Gabrielle said...

Hi, Pugsboutique!

Yes, this book sounds very interesting! I don't know the title/author right now but when Publisher's Lunch Weekly comes out in a few days I will and I'll most definitely let you know. They should tell us the author, agent and publisher name then.

Jane Austen Society of North America? That is *so* neat!

Gabrielle said...

Alas! My version of Publisher's Lunch uncharacteristically did not include more details on the Jane Austen vampire book. If you ask anybody who *does* receive Publisher's Lunch (full), they would have it. You could also email the people over at and explain that you're from the Jane Austen Society, and ask for the details. They'd probably give it to you.