Monday, June 30, 2008

Starbucks Notes

The World Famous Freelance Writing Camp moved to Starbucks today, in order to soak up a Grande Java Chip Light (with whipped cream) frappucino and do some serious novelling. The brilliant freelancer has taken notes on Starbucks vs. Other Locales.

Atmosphere, atmosphere. You can't beat the incredible Starbucks feel. It's so easy to imagine yourself in Paris or London, smoking (nicotine-free) cigars and wearing berets and writing masterpieces on a dime.

Music, my love. The music here is much, much better than the other cafe I visit. It's loud, it's diverse and still classy (Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and excellent jazz) and perfect for writing.

Expenses, my foot. It's much more expensive here, obviously. I came because I had a gift card, but no way I could afford to visit Starbucks every day. If one has a small amount of cash, you could subsist on the $1.89 scones instead of $4 frappes.

Dahling, the Location. It's harder to get to, and ultimately this is the victory for Other Cafes. I am still license-free and use feet to transport myself. Starbucks is not foot friendly.

People Listening. The conversations are priceless. There was a banker and a bankee behind me discussing high finance, a guy talking about hypochondriac girls to his female friend, excellently dressed young women and tired, tan older women... if you ever need inspiration, Starbucks is the place to be.

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