Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Freelance Writing Camp: Day 1

So... remember when I talked about making your own freelance writing camp? I wasn't joking.

I started yesterday morning with about two hours at a local hangout. Not only was I incredibly productive (wrote five pages of novel, finished two articles, some other projects I can't remember) I had a fabulous time. I loved the cheesy music they played, loved the view from the window, loved the frappucino and the cream-filled heart-attack-inducing donut.
The best part about my writing camp is that there are no distractions. I have no Wi-Fi, so there's no internet to seduce me. There are a few magazines but no books, and I would have to spend money to buy them (broke = no magazines.) So I literally have nothing else to do but write.

Dang. This is fun.
Tune in the next couple of days for tips on starting & keeping your own freelance writing camp. (Hint: feed all campers well and no, Hilary Swank, you're not a brilliant actress and P.S. I Love You is not a good writing recovery movie. Unless, of course, one is napping.)

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