Monday, June 23, 2008

Creative Problem-Solving


JOHN LITHGOW: Gabrielle faces a morning without writing. She has an obligation at church until 12pm, but she also has an obligation to herself to write for all these cool new markets she discovered over the weekend (more on that later.) So, what does Gabrielle do?

GABRIELLE: I will wake up at 6am (even though I HATE getting up that early) and write! Because I am a WriTeen!

[Fake Cheery Face]

JOHN LITHGOW: Uh huh, sweetie. So Gabrielle sets her alarm and goes to sleep. Next morning, at 6am...

GABRIELLE: No friggin' way I am getting up. I can't think. What day is it? What's my name? Why am I up at this ungodly hour?

JOHN LITHGOW: But then Gabrielle remembers the quote she pulled from Success Principles for Teens (more on THAT later), about how Olympians train for 4 hours per day, 310 days per year, for 6 years before succeeding. She remembers the Thomas Edison quote about "Doing all we are capable..."

GABRIELLE: I am SO capable of doing this... and compared to my gymnastic friends, what I have to do is not... that bad. Maybe if I just open my computer...

JOHN LITHGOW: (in a BEAMING voice) And so Gabrielle gets an hour of writing done, before breakfast, without food and at an ungodly hour of the morning. She will have to get more done this afternoon, but still: what a victory! What a writer!

GABRIELLE: Get me food. Now.

[Exit Stage]

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Anonymous said...

Great... ah hem, inspirational post. I do get up at 6am in the morning, but it takes me an hour of blog surfing to "fully open my brain" before I can start writing. Or at least that's my excuse. ;)

Personally, I would have preferred Garrison Keillor a la Prarie Home Companion for my narrator. But then again, Lithgow was in the Twilight Zone Movie. Anyone who was involved in the Twilight Zone automatically has narrating potential. :)