Friday, June 27, 2008

Quick Shout-out to Writing Teenagers

Check your copy of The Writing Kid today, and you'll find an article by yours truly! "Writing the Summer Wave" gives excellent advice on scheduling your summer around your writing life. There's also some spectacular internships and markets featured in this issue.

Also! One of my favorite teen bloggers, Noel or Miss Couturable, is blogging about her Seventeen magazine internship this summer. For anybody interested in fashion writing and the teens who are doing it, please visit Noel is both entertaining and informational, and well worth your time.


Anonymous said...

Where can one buy/get that book?

Gabrielle said...

Hey, Pema!

"The Writing Kid" is actually a newsletter sent by the Funds for Writers site (, that lists markets and articles for writers ages 8-21 every two weeks. I totally recommend signing up (it's free!!) because the info is great.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Gabrielle!