Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tips for Using English Professors

I'm on a mini-whirlwind College Tour- if I don't get changed in a few minutes, Princeton will see me in Soffes and a t-shirt- but I spoke with an English professor at another Ivy Leaguer this week and thought I'd share some tips on what to ask and how to ask it, as you discern which English program will help you become a better writer.

If you're a younger WriTeen, don't blow all this stuff off! Take time to learn about prospective colleges' English departments and what they can offer you. It'll save time so you're not cramming your junior/senior year.

Write up questions in advance. Know what you need to ask. Sometimes you get flustered by your professor, blank out or simply get distracted. It helps to have a list of questions running through your head, so nobody's time is wasted.

Understand why you're there. Admissions officers are interested in you, but professors have a busy schedule and are not there to ask lovely questions about yourself. You're here to get some insider info! Don't be disappointed if they don't ask about your personal writing.

Always ask about mentorships/internships. These kinds of resources will help make you a better writer and/or help you get a job in publishing after college. Ask whether the college facilitates the internship search or whether students find their own, and if you don't know, ask about publishing companies or magazines in the outside area.

There's more, but Princeton really will see me in a t-shirt and Soffes unless I dash.

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