Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finding a Publishing Internship

If you want to learn more about publishing and/or enter the publishing industry, find a publishing internship. Internships can open doors, get you into college, get you community service hours and teach you more than you'd ever want to know about this crazy biz. Think about it-- old people can't get internships, but young people can. Take advantage of your youth!

How does one go about finding internships?

Search for local magazines. Even if it's just a community newsletter, what zines are published in your area? What about Seattle's Shaking or MidWest Town Life? Don't freak out if the only magazine near you is about cars or babies or something weird. You can still learn something!

Search for independent presses. Are there any small presses/independent publishers near you? If so, you could get experience working in making books! Google "independent publisher your town name." Check out local writing conferences and workshops, who often invite local publishers to speak. If there is a literary agency near you, send them an email too.

Search for a writer! If you are blessed to know (somehow) a fairly successful author who lives near you, ask if they could use an intern. Tell them about your mad email skills, your love of organization and your devotion to their books, and see if they'll let you help them out one afternoon a week. Don't take money for it, but instead count it toward your school's community service requirement and realize you're making friends with a Name in the Industry.

If you live in New York... then I have no words to say except fie on you for not being an intern already. NYC has ridiculous numbers of agencies, publishers and authors dying for some free help. It should be you there.

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