Sunday, April 6, 2008

Minor Heart Attack

I was finishing up a submission and decided to include the link to my full publishing resume. I scrolled around my website... where is it?

Where is it?

It is gone.

I freaked out and I still haven't found it. I had a page up on my old blog that had a list of everywhere I was published, and I was very good about updating it. The blog has since become the food of spammers but the page has remained until somehow... it is gone. Completely vanished into cyberspace.

I spent the last fifteen minutes trying to remember everywhere I've been published. I know it's about twenty-five times. It's a heartbreaking type of situation because you work so hard for each piece and then not to have a record of it, for colleges and publishers, is devastating. I'm at 21 and 22 right now, so I think I got all the major clips, although I can't remember a few of the ones I wrote for Dang it.

Let this be a warning: KEEP GOOD RECORDS. Even if you've only been published once and think, gee, I'll never forget. I totally forgot about New Moon (my first clip) until like five minutes ago. Gee.

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