Thursday, April 24, 2008

Homework vs. Writing

I'm a junior, hoping to attend a selective college, who therefore is chained to my computer at night when it comes to homework (okay, maybe not chained.) But my grades are important at this time of life and for many WriTeens, grades are our masters. We have to do whatever they say to make them happy.

Yet, if you are pursuing a writing opportunity, homework and writing can collide.

If it's a query you'd hoped to send out by tomorrow, but Mr. Math Grump assigned fifty-two problems: Mr. Math Grump wins. The exception to this is if you're writing a solicited piece: if you have told your editor it's in by the fifth, it better darn well be in that editor's inbox on the morning of the sixth. We're proving to the world that WriTeens CAN be responsible, remember? REMEMBER?

I try to schedule writing around homework- I work on my book for an hour before school. Freelancing is tougher to work around, but I'll get there. Slowly.

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