Sunday, February 24, 2008

WORD: Ten Quick Ways to Get Published

by Gabrielle Linnell

Looking for quick improvements to make your success rate double? Here are ten quick ideas on getting that happy smiley face from a favorite editor.

1. Change your email from to
2. Write a nonfiction piece, offering a student-to-worldingeneral point of view on a hot topic.
3. Read a practical book on writing (Writer Mama, The Renegade Writer, The Writer's Guide to Queries, Pitches and Proposals.)
4. Do something crazy on a date, like volunteer at the zoo or climb the Eiffel Tower in a bathing suit.
5. Start a literary magazine at your school.
6. Offer to edit anything by anyone and learn from their mistakes.
7. Write a 300-word paragraph and shorten it down to 30 words.
8. Buy a small notebook that will fit in your pocket or small purse.
9. Email your favorite authors.
10. Write for Innovative.

Gabrielle Linnell has been published about twenty times. She loves writing, loves food, and is excited about the high fashion at tonight's Oscars. Of course, that would involve doing homework before the Oscars.

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