Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If You Want to Write... Our 100th Post!

Yay!!! Our 100th Post!!! Since I started Innovative in July, we've grown and done so much! We've interviewed six or seven young adult authors, Maria Schneider added us to her blogroll, I connected with my first editor EVER now at, we've had submissions from England to Texas for WORD... Wow! But of course, in true WriTeen principle, we are nowhere near finished. Without ado, our IYW2W.

(Our 100th Post in 100 words)

Most people write long. They use five words instead of one, three similes when zero would suffice, and waste everyone’s time. As WriTeens, we have the shortest attention span of any human being. Use this to your advantage. Write like you’re writing for bored kids in study hall, who are going to tune out if they don’t hear something interesting fast.

Cut adjectives. Make verbs stronger. Read lots of writing books who tell you how to do this better than I can. The shorter you make something, the more action-packed every sentence will be. Tighter words. Stronger words. Better language.


Everyone seems to be too scared to enter. COME ON, PEOPLE! Since you're being such wusses, I'll give you a MAJOR CLUE.

Author X shares a last name with a pivotal character in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. GET TO WORK!

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