Thursday, February 28, 2008

Find Gabrielle in Cobblestone!

If you grab a copy of the American history magazine Cobblestone, the March 2008 issue, flip around and you will find an article with two Linnells staring back at you! My mother and I co-wrote an article entitled "Daisies for Dinner", about what people ate during the Depression. The research, although vast, was really interesting. I love writing about food. And there's nothing like writing with your mother, I can tell you.

Our copies haven't arrived yet, so I can't tell you what the page number is. But this is an article I'm extremely proud of. We read Cobblestone while we were home-schooling in Taiwan, never dreaming what would happen...
Also, if you have a copy of the February issue of Parents, my mother (Kim Linnell) has a tip published in the back. My family is sprouting publication.

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Katie Beth said...

Cool! Congratulations!