Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Once a Witch: A Review

Once a Witch
by Carolyn MacCullough

Tamsin is the witch that should have been. Proclaimed to be the Be-All Witch-All at birth, she has shown no sign of greatness, magical or otherwise. She's content (or pretending to be content) to practice normality at a NYC boarding school while waiting for her perfect older sister to steal the family glory... until a mysterious professor shows up at her grandmother's store and challenges Tamsin to change her future by changing herself.

I liked this book. Tamsin is gutsy enough to keep the book interesting, and the reader interested in her. Her old friend Gideon pops up, hot and gentlemanly, and his only fault is that he has none. While I would have liked him to have shown more foibles to balance the other characters, Tamsin and Gideon have fun chemistry. The adventures Tamsin has get a little overdramatic at the end, but are otherwise very enjoyable. MacCullough knows how to pace her book, and how to create a climax. 

Fans of modern-day Tamera Pierce and all fans of Patricia C. Wrede should look this one up. 

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