Friday, August 7, 2009


On page 182, there begins the tale of Gabrielle Linnell's freelancing career and the story of how the Innovative Teen blog began. First, thanks to all who have supported the blog since its inception, and to the friends we've made along the way.

Second, to celebrate the release on August 18th, I will be moving us out of our summer semi-hiatus with more reviews, hopefully some interviews and thoughts on what we've done and how far we've come.

Third, I will be entering Wellesley College this fall. I am so excited about that, but it means that Innovative activity will not be five-posts-a-week as we have done in the past. Reviewing and some interviews will continue to happen, but on a hectic college student's schedule.

Thank you, and look for a Once a Witch review this week.


Diana said...

Congratulations! And good luck with college. :)

Nannette said...

Congratulations. I know you will love college, and I just nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. Lots of luck, and I do hope you'll have some time for this great blog.