Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Carpe Corpus: A Review

Carpe Corpus
by Rachel Caine

This is my second attempt into the Morganville Vampire mysteries, and my second failure to finish one. The series is about the very life-and-death struggles featuring Claire, a human, and her vampire and nonvamp friends. Bishop is the Dr. Evil and Shane is the Uber Hottie. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

The books aren't horribly written, but the author errs in assuming that their characters are likeable (even Nora Ephron has been faulted for this) and in having a heavy action-based plot. I don't like Claire. I don't care about Amelie and the fate of Morganville. Their behavior is so angst-ridden and tortured that I'm much happier watching Bishop devour them all. The second fault, the action, isn't a real problem for readers looking for a movie-as-book. I hate action movies (how many times can you tear off a leg, race over a roof?) and their only redeeming quality is a loveable hero to keep you interested (Bourne, Bond).

If you prefer books with lots of running around and breath-stopping action, try Rachel Caine. If you liked the last fifth of Twilight, don't miss it. I, however, will be sitting this one out. 


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