Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bookshelf: In Too Deep

In Too Deep by Jennifer Banash is the continuation of her Elite series, about how newcomer Casey fits into the over-privileged life of the Bramford apartments and the private school where its residents are educated. The story is told in several different points of view, as each member of the clique debates their current crises.

As I mentioned in In My Mailbox, I wasn't expecting to like this book. There is a glut of books about the super-rich and I find they rarely offer something original. However, I did read In Too Deep incredibly fast while another book I need to review -- Lord of Misrule -- is taking me weeks.

I enjoyed reading it. The characters were just stereotyped enough to make you hate Madison and like Casey (Team Quirky!), but they had unusual traits as well. It was interesting to have a lone guy's perspective -- Drew's-- and to hear Sophie's struggle with her parental sitch. The betrayal Drew feels when he also has a "parental sitch" was believable. I was a little annoyed that there were "AP Cinema" and "AP Algebra" classes in the book, because I'm a collegebound senior who knows there are no such classes. It's also hard to believe that Phoebe, Sophie or Madison would ever have a shot at Harvard without serious extra-curriculars and grades.

Overall: In Too Deep is a seductive read. While it may not add a new dimension to rich-girl lit, it provides an example of how to do it well. Now, where did I put my Hermes scarf? Must be right next to the Louis Vuitton luggage.



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the review--you make some excellent points! IN terms of the AP classes, I teach at a private high school, and we DO occasionally feature such classes--sometimes we get a quasi-famous person to come in and teach a seminar or AP seminar, which is where I got the idea :) Also, Meadowlark is a fictional college prep school, so I like to have some fun in creating it! I'd love to have you review the last book, SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE, which comes out in July :) Let me know if you'll be wanting an ARC.


Gabrielle said...

Hey, Jennifer!

Thanks for stopping by! I think I was most bothered because if there *was* an AP Cinema class... I'd want to take it!!! :D Sensitive high school senior issue.

I'd love an ARC of "Simply Irresistible." Thanks so much.