Sunday, November 11, 2007



Teen Ink (

This is probably the biggest publisher of teen writing around. Available at most libraries, Teen Ink is a huge collection of everything from fiction to political opinion, book review to angst poetry. If you write it, they will probably have a spot for it. They don't have a great response system to your submission ( i.e., if you are rejected, you never find out) but if you are published, there are some nice, non-monetary perks. Check them out.

Absolute Write (

WHO THEY ARE: A free semi-monthly writing e-zine
WHAT THEY WANT: Articles on writing, from experience to how-to, in a conversational tone.
WHAT THEY PAY: $.02/word ($10.00 minimum) or subscription to their services.MORE INFO? .

There's been a call for submissions (see their site) so don't miss this opportunity!

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