Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ahoy, Guy WriTeens!

So, I was gathering research (i.e., idling time) by looking for debut YA authors that would be good potential people to interview for bookshelf. I'm booked through January at this point, but I love interviewing authors and I think others enjoy them as well. I was browsing through the website. It's brilliant, because it's made up of thirty or forty debut young adult and children's authors, and I've gotten a lot of names to look up.

However, it made me realize... I don't like reading stereotypical "boy" books. I'm sorry. I'm much more chick flick or girl drama. But boy WriTeens make up a sizable minority of our subscription, and it's no fair that you have to suffer through thousands of books and interviews with chicky authors.

So: a brainstorm.

Would you, Guy WriTeens, be interested in becoming a reviewer/interviewer for Innovative? This is just an idea. I would make all initial contact with the authors, but you would get to interview the said "guy" authors and chat with them about their books. I would also love to receive book reviews of said "guy" books.

I'd be looking for someone 15 or older, who likes (and has time) to read and is inquisitive enough to ask different kinds of questions. You'd have to get back to me fairly quickly (no month-long wait) but you'd be published, you'd get to "meet" cool authors, you can say you are a book reviewer and interviewer for Innovative: A Word for the WriTeen.

What do you think? Girls, feel free to put in your two cents or nominate someone, too. This wouldn't get going until January, but a thought to mull over.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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